Our Virtual Airline

Built with love by passionate people!

When did all start?

IndiGo Virtual was founded on 4th April, 2016. We provide a unique pilot experience by bringing together a strong, friendly community, advanced software and realistic policies and procedures. Combined, we are able to strike a balance between realism and simulation that focuses on making things as realistic as possible while making concessions for simulator limitations. Our constant innovation is driven by quarterly pilot feedback surveys help steer the next round of features to address requests or pain points that pilots are experiencing. The result is an ever evolving system designed with one goal: Improve the Pilot Experience.

Why did all start?

IndiGo Virtual was started in an effort to create a professional, modern Virtual Airline that was realistic while maintaining the entertainment aspect of Flight Simulation. While we continue to improve and evolve pushing the bounds of what has been done by Virtual Airlines, we hope that others will follow suit and help bring modernization to legacy Flight Sim organizations.

What will the future bring?

Our goal is to continue growing and improving the pilot experience. We do have several plans currently under development, but nothing we are ready to share quite yet.


I'm grateful we made it that far and continue strong! Thank you all for supporting us!

Dishang Perme, CEO