You call it Rosters? We call it a family!


Our Events


At IndiGo Virtual we have a dedicated Events & Tours manager who organises events on a weekly basis.

And as always, IndiGo Virtual's Events are known for having FULL ATC Serivice* along the way.

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The Group Flights!! This knows NO BOUNDS.

Thanks to our Livestream Partner, we have a group flight which is organized within India and sometimes abroad too, ON A DAILY BASIS.

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Our Group Flights

The 6e Party


Every year, The management team of IndiGo Virtual organizes a LAN Party within India, in which all the award winners are awarded by the Staff for their outstanding performance in the Flight Operations of IndiGo Virtual.

No to mention, The LAN Party will have give aways and gifts for the Pilots! All the Pilots are Invited for the 6e Party!And Alot more »

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